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Friday, 9 March 2012

Only mother’s love is a true love, or to be more exact like an unconditional love. You must realize how sincerely moms lovetheir children. When you’re a baby, your mom protected you as much as she could. A mother’s love is truly very great and priceless!
1-My mom’s forehead is wrinkled rather deeply by anxiety. She worries about my bad health and her emotions are unstable emotions due to her age.
2-My mom is a good friend of mine. Even though she’s extremely serious while teaching me to become well-behaved child, she always greets me with a smiling face.
3-In my heart, my mom is an enthusiastic teacher. She’s so skillful in teaching me about the beauty of Mother Nature and theexistence of God. In order to make me better understand what she teaches, she employs avariety of teaching methods by repetition, citing examples, telling stories and also by making comparisons.
4-Even though my mom is young and attractive in her appearance, she’s a conservativewoman. Somewhat stern and strict at times but never want to give up explaining each particular ofdifferent topics to me until I understand each one better. Her patience deserves mygratitude and respect.
5-From my inner heart, I could feel my mom’s love. She takes good care of me, including my emotional and basic physical needs. I’m very lucky to have heras my beloved mother.
6-I know, mom loves me very much, but doesn’t allow me to do anything wrong, such as smoking, gambling, fighting, stealing, or drinking alcohol.
7-Whenever my mom is free, she’ll spend time reading books.During my bedtime, she’ll retell what she has read. I enjoyed listening to her stories,but sometimes I fall asleep.

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